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Equivalence Partitioning in Testing | ISTQB Tutorial For Beginners

In this video, we discuss equivalence partitioning in software testing. Equivalence class partitioning is one of the black box testing techniques and the concepts of equivalence classes is explained with around four examples. This video will serve as a Software Testing or ISTQB Tutorial For Beginners. The video will be helpful for professionals or qa analysts working in manual testing and test automation streams
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Scriptless vs Scripted Automation Frameworks

The quality engineering team has a crucial role in improving the time to market for services and product, and in ensuring customer delight. Architects have been developing new practices to automate the life cycle processes to reduce test cycle time and improve the product quality. Scriptless test automation is one such practice that is an alternative to the traditional automation, which was programming language dependent. The adoption rate of Scriptless frameworks has improved in the last couple of years but still, there prevail apprehensions around its capabilities. Difference between the Working of Scriptless Automation Testing Tools and Scripted Automation Testing Tools Scriptless automation tools use the technique of auto-generating test scripts instead of an automation engineer writing a test script manually using a programming language. The language used in the tool might be proprietary or open, depending on the tool strategy of the vendor.  The Scriptless technique is slightly

Quantum Computing Trends

With the advancements in technology, we shifted from traditional computers to its digital version, which included zero’s and one’s and now, to the latest and fastest upgraded computers i.e. Quantum Computers. Built on the pioneering ideas of physicists Richard Feynman and David Deutsch in the 1980s, Quantum Computers leverage the unique properties of matter at nanoscale. Quantum computing uses quantum physics to solve the problems which today’s computers can never tackle. There are two characteristics of quantum computer which make them the computers of the future. First, quantum computing is built on qubits that can be overlays of zero and one i.e. half part of a zero and a half part of a one at the same time. Second, qubits become entangled and exist in groups. Because of its capability to solve problems, high speed and accuracy, quantum computing has immediate applications in fields like pharmaceutical, cryptography, machine learning and search. Realizing the potential, it is exp

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Android Emulator in Cloud

Genymobile Launches Genymotion Cloud, An Android Emulator Platform For Advanced Collaboration, Automated Testing, And More