Sunday, October 28, 2012

High Level estimation for Testing Projects

Providing effort and cost estimates for testing projects is considered as the most challenging tasks by most of testing professionals and test managers. There are a variety of techniques that can be used for preparing effort estimates like the following

a) Estimates based on development hours
b) Wide Band Delphi
c) Test Case Point Analysis
d) Function Point based
e) There Point Estimates
f) Use Case Point

 Most of the project managers request the test managers to provide an estimate for testing during the initiation phase of the project. This is basically to get the required IT funding for the project. The test manager will only have access to the business case and project charter at his point of time. With the limited information available at this point of time one has to go with the % of development hours in order to submit the estimates to the PM. One can leverage the past data available in order to derive % of the development hours that needs to be considered for testing.

 The standard practice is to considered somewhere between 20% and 305 of development hours. It is also important to define what development hours "IS" ....One should only consider DCUT which is the time estimated for design , coding and unit testing. The estimates that is submitted during this phase should be revisited once the business requirements document is made available. One of the major flaws of this approach is that if the development hours are wrong test estimates will also be wrong....!

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