Quantum Computing Trends

With the advancements in technology, we shifted from traditional computers to its digital version, which included zero’s and one’s and now, to the latest and fastest upgraded computers i.e. Quantum Computers. Built on the pioneering ideas of physicists Richard Feynman and David Deutsch in the 1980s, Quantum Computers leverage the unique properties of matter at nanoscale. Quantum computing uses quantum physics to solve the problems which today’s computers can never tackle.

There are two characteristics of quantum computer which make them the computers of the future. First, quantum computing is built on qubits that can be overlays of zero and one i.e. half part of a zero and a half part of a one at the same time. Second, qubits become entangled and exist in groups.

Because of its capability to solve problems, high speed and accuracy, quantum computing has immediate applications in fields like pharmaceutical, cryptography, machine learning and search. Realizing the potential, it is expected that in the coming 10-15 years, there will be a global investment of more than $50 billion in quantum computing and companies will generate logical qubits for the same.
The practical implementation of quantum computing has already begun with tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, Alibaba, Honeywell and a few more. IBM and Microsoft have and are developing quantum computing simulators, quantum computing communities and tools which leverage quantum processing techniques to the developers. With the availability of program languages, quantum algorithms and quantum-processors-as-a-cloud-services to the developers, it is expected that developers will incorporate them into software solutions.
Quantum computing can also be applied to accelerate search and machine learning algorithms used with exponentially growing datasets.

This will help in unlocking the value of data for the companies. Not only this, because of the potential of tackling problems and providing really quick solutions, countries like the US and China have already invested heavily in quantum research for secure communication. China is also launching its first satellite implementing a quantum communication channel. 
Quantum computing is moving quickly from research labs to real-world and in the near future, it will be soon approaching supremacy in providing powerful solutions in every field.


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