Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daily Status of Test Execution

There are a couple of important items that we should keep in mind when we communicate the status of the daily test execution to the higher or middle management. The important items would be the following
a) Status of test case execution:
This can include the total number of test cases planned, executed, passed, failed, blocked and not executed.
b) Defect status
This can include total number of defects reported vs. the severity. Also the information on Open Sev 1 and Sev 2 defects would be a subject of interest as most of the projects the Sev 1 and 2 defects get fixed where as the Sev 3 and 4 would be open.
c) Also mention about the risk and issues that the team is facing during test execution and the plans to mitigate the risks.
d)  The status report also should state whether the current rate of test execution is enough to achieve the planned end dates. If no it will be good to mention the plans that are in place to increase the execution rate.

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