This Java-based framework has been so designed and developed that it makes easy to access different development practices and gets best performances out of them. JBehave is based on BDD or Behavior-Driven Development which in itself has evolved out of ADD (Acceptance-Test Driven Development) and TDD (Test-Driven Development).
The major difference between JBehave and other test development practices is that it is behavior-based, while the rest are test-based. Thanks to attribute of JBehave, it is possible for both experts and newcomers to access development practices easily and intuitively.
The best part in choosing JBehave is that behaves like a development paradigm. In other words, JBehave places equal importance to both automation and communication while producing desired results in applications it is used.

As JBehave is based on BDD, it represents the test cases as well as the specification in equal measures. Furthermore, the testcase formats that are used through JBehave are easy to understand even for non technical people. Hence, it is possible to develop a good understanding between the developers and customers. 


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