Provar is an extremely useful tool that has been so designed to make end to end test automation easy and effective. The best part in using Provar is that you need not test your software manually time and again. Once the tests have been used using this tool, all you need to do is run it over regularly. The testing will not only get completed faster but also you will not incur any extra cost.

Until recently, Provar was exclusively used as a tool for carrying out end-to-end test processes involved in Salesforce. However, today, Provar is widely used a number of applications, including JQuery and other Visualforce pages of complex nature. An important feature of Provar is its ability to combine UI and API testing in a single test. Other notable features that have been built into Provar are – Excel Integration, Environment Management and so on. Using Provar it is also possible to prevent tests being carried out manually at regular intervals. 


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