Bamboo is a highly useful testing tool that provides you continuous delivery, right from coding to the deployment of software. In using Bamboo it is possible to build, test and release within a given workflow. And the fact that Bamboo is highly compatible with Stash and JIRA makes it an invaluable tool that can be used for tracing deployment pipeline under all conditions.

Bamboo is the best and only build server that is capable of providing you support features that will help you cover different aspects of continuous delivery. The best part in using Bamboo across Deployment projects is that it will allow you control the flow while taking into considerations the permissions of the environment. It is thus possible for you to use AWS CodeDeploy task and S3 Amazon bucket for deploying. Some other notable features available in Bamboo are – tasks (that allows you to create images), agent images (to enable you grab), push an image, run a container and so on. 


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