Jenkins is a high useful and productivity enhancer testing tool that can be associated with any project. Using Jenkins it is possible to integrate continuously and use delivery application and thereby enabling developers of software to make necessary changes whenever required. Thanks to Jenkins, it is easy to develop a fresh build too. A number of companies use Jenkins to build and define pipelines that can be used for testing a number of applications and deployment technologies.
In using Jenkins you get following features with it:

·         Extensibility – With Jenkins it is possible to create plugins as you like. Also it is possible to extend and modify most of the parts in Jenkins. Therefore, customization as per your needs is very much possible through Jenkins.

·         Easy Installation – It is easy to install Jenkins. For this, you need not have extra database
·         Distributed builds – It is possible to test and build loads across several computers and in using any operating system.

·         Easy plugin ecosystem – You can easily integrate Jenkins with any build tool or SCM.


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